Subaru Wide-Angle Mono Camera Targets

This product showcase is for the most-ordered target product at ADAS Depot in the past 6 months: the 3-pack Subaru wide-angle mono camera targets. The EyeSight system (from 2023 onwards) feature both a Wide Angle Mono Camera and Stereo Cameras, and each sub-system has its own calibration procedures. Both the Wide Angle Mono Camera, and the Stereo Camera, necessitate calibrations whenever the windshield is replaced or if the camera is removed.

For context, the Mono camera is new with the Gen 4 EyeSight system. It is a single camera which excels at performing ADAS features that rely on 2D image data, such as lane departure warnings (LDW). With the new Mono camera, we are hearing that the Gen 4 Eyesight has better lane keep assist features, and the assist is generally smoother. Conversely, the Stereo cameras are a pair of cameras that are able to sense the depth/distance of the image, useful for features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Pre-Collision Braking, Pedestrian Detection, etc (for the Stereo cameras you can find them on our store here).

These Mono camera targets are intended for the Outback, Ascent, Legacy and Crosstrek models.

Stay ahead of the game

Get yourself a set of these targets if you don’t have them already, so you can be prepared to work on a 2023 or newer Subaru. These targets are new enough that they don’t come in any frame or target packages.


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